Envisioning The Future

© david tajchman

maximum display - rue du faubourg saint-honore, paris

This tiny two levels art gallery is located near one of the most prestigious streets in Paris: the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, not very far from the Champs Elysees and close to the Palais de l'Elysee. The neighbourhood is full of art galleries selling 17th to 19th centuries paintings golden rococo framed.

The new art gallery is a project where walls, grounds and furnitures elements are in a single continuous shape. There are no differences of treatments between walls and grounds. To emphasize on what the gallery is selling and not to distract the view with too many materials, the one and only material used is made of layered wood profiles stuck together.

The wooden slice unrolls from the vertical display at the entrance, becomes a groundfloor, continues to the staircase, climbs to the upper floor, becomes a relaxing seat and sofa, the sofa becomes a desk, etcaetera.

place paris, france
programme art gallery
year november 07
architect david tajchman
with renaud menestret
area 50 m2
publications europaconcorsi, dezeen, salon
exhibition international architecture model festival - kek budapest