Envisioning The Future

© david tajchman

international competition

place chicago, usa
year 2015
program lakeshore kiosk
area 110 sqm
model david tajchman
photography corentin lespagnol

Located at the Michigan Lake shoreline in Chicago, this kiosk proposal takes inspiration into the city and the natural mushroom as a reference. Finding its design, structure and form characteristics into the force of Nature, the kiosk's conceptual process translates digitally the mushroom inspiration to determine a construction methodology accorded to its design. The digital model has been sliced into 130 layers of two cm-thick plywood, which will be rapidly robotically milled and then gathered manually on site. The plywood slices will be painted white with an elastomeric coating, protecting the kiosk from sun alterations and rainwaters. The kiosk's facade is a curved and clear sliding polycarbonate equipped with a programmed led signage. The Mushroom Kiosk shows a circular plan with a single central column spanning into a twelve meters shading circular roof.