Envisioning The Future

© david tajchman

architecture et corps

place la galerie d'architecture, paris, france
year january 2015
on show kaplinski and parador / 2 collaborative videos by benjamin seroussi and david tajchman
pictures saywho

Filmmaker Benjamin Seroussi and Architect David Tajchman present an exhibition entitled "Architecture et Corps" (Architecture and bodies) at la Galerie d'Architecture in Paris in January 2015. This exhibition shows their 2 videos: KAPLINSKI et PARADOR, 18 pictures taken from these videos and a workshop space introducing the preparation of the movies and the way they collaborate.

Benjamin Seroussi and David Tajchman first met in 2013 with the idea to work with wooden Kaplas to assemble around bodies. From this meeting was filmed KAPLINSKI, their first collaborative short-movie featuring models Marie Meyer and Caroline de Maigret and introducing singer Benjamin Clementine. A year later, they decided to film PARADOR. A movie inspired by Graham Bell's first tetrahedric flying constructs, Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man with his divine proportions and Icarus myth. Several structures are built around dancer Olivier Mathieu and model Katya Puschkina to tell a love parade.