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fluid miami - aerial metro station
open international architecture + urban design competition

fluid miami - aerial metro station is a concept proposal for a new station in downtown miami, designed by architect david tajchman. his design is meant to provide the city's centre with an elevated public transportation system and metromover situated on the north edge of museum park. the hovering futuristic hub can be accessed by car and foot. the streamline biomorphic form of the station is a seamless tunnel which includes circular cut-outs throughout its roof and sides to let natural sunlight into the space. its undulating base alleviates traffic flow by allowing people to pass below the station's structure rather than only around it.

place miami, united states of america
programme new station for downtown miami elevated public transportation system, metromover, on the north edge of museum park
year october 2009
area 500 m2
client dawntown miami
architect david tajchman