Envisioning The Future

© david tajchman


"I wanted to combine completely different designs that are necessary to each other. Human design and Architecture structures. An example I had threw the making of this film was a giant rocket all round and pointy being attached to a rocket metalic launcher. Very different designs but both need each other to make sense until they separate". Benjamin Seroussi

filmmaker benjamin seroussi
art direction david tajchman
director of photography martin de chabaneix
design team julie soulat, sarah delaunay, amanda dutrieux, yan bonnevialle, david tajchman
talents marie meyer, caroline de maigret, benjamin clementine
release year october 2013
place paris, france
selection diane pernet's asvoff 2013 - fashion film festival at centre pompidou
screening presented in the framework of bill viola's 2014 exhibition at the grand palais, paris